The Sunday Currently | 04

So I had a busy week, and there were a lot of things that happened which kept me away from writing anything for this blog. I graduated last Friday from my Master’s Degree (yey!) and I had to regroup my thoughts on whatever’s next for me. To be honest, I thought of pursuing a juris doctorate degree but I realized that I needed to gain more experience upon doing so. Anyway, all is well.



The continuation of the New Prince of Tennis Manga (Golden Age Chapters 267-269). It was released two days ago and because of graduation I had to put it on hold. Thanks to the folks from the forum I was able to read it in English without any problems at all.


Fanfictions. Duh?


Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan. This song is purely aesthetic. I heard this one during our road trip to Calatagan, Batangas, not necessarily because of Love, Simon.


Of taking a new career path. Perhaps becoming a lawyer? But I really want to become a doctor of medicine. Ugh


Mangoes. Thanks to my Lola  (grandmother)  who gave a sack full of yellow mangoes. Happiness!


That I have the money to purchase that Wonder Woman head bust. The artist is so good, the statue looks like the real Gal Gadot. Friggin’ scary and sick!


By the end of the year, I know what I really want.


Black top with a green print that says “Live to ride”plus a high waist short. I’m finally at home doing this entry. (The previous Sunday currently were made at the office lol.)


My new skins from Mobile Legends. Thanks to my good friend and cousin who gave me Alucard’s skin! Also, the free draw which gave me Gusion’s Hairstylist skin.


Anything matcha. I’m craving!


A new dog, preferably a Siberian or a Shiba.


Well! Channeling my inner Ranchoddas!


Lucifer :3 I’m still on Season 1. I finished the new season of Black Mirror though and it was really good, especially the first episode entitled “Striking Vipers”

See you again soon! Featured image from here


.hack//sign / Episode 05

How many days has it been since I wrote my thoughts on the previous episodes of .hack sign, 3 or 4 days? I’ve lost count already. I have been busy with my school clearance and graduation practices which kept me away from watching any anime. Therefore, I only have ample time to keep it together and write something worthwhile. Continue reading

The Sunday Currently| 03

Hi! A few days of inactivity and here I am again for today’s entry. Well, this week allowed me to realize a lot of things in my life. Plans for the future, relationships, and of course personal issues. Anyway, a few days from now, I will be graduating from my post grad degree which makes me think a lot of things. Perhaps after that phase, my life will eventually change. Let’s see, but for now let’s focus on this entry.



Patient Accounts. As I told earlier, I work in a hospital and obviously I have access on everyone’s records. All their personal information as well as those diagnoses and operations conducted by doctors. (I’m still here in the office though lol)


Patient Records. Of course.


Burn by Billie Eilish. I’m currently obsessing with her music. I truly am fascinated with her music videos a lot. She’s too adorable for me even though she had that sick music going on. I actually liked her more than Dua Lipa.


of what to wear underneath the toga. Should I go for black again like I used to back in college, or perhaps white? To be honest, I hated shopping for clothes and shoes. I’m not the type of person who will be happy in walking around for hours just to look for those stuff. I don’t know.


the inside of the hospital. It smells like a clinic in here.


That the weather’s good during graduation. I don’t want to get sweaty because of the heat, also I don’t want to get wet if it is rainy. Let’s balance it, shall we?


 the best for everyone. I hope that we can all realize what our purpose is and what is His plan for us. I know it is confusing right now, but I am particularly sure that these events or circumstances will all fall into place someday. Keep going!


an all black outfit again. Black top, black square pants, black loafers, and black cardigan. That’s how gloomy I am. I love everything black. ^^


The Madara Uchiha Figuarts Zero Issou Susanoo Kizuna Relations figure I received from the local toystore in San Juan. I am a figure collector and I am really happy with the figure. I’m still waiting for the Hashirama to come so that I can attached it to the Madara one. (Figure collecting is expensive so I advice you to not start if you can’t really afford and commit to it. I assure you, this hobby is addicting!)


I want to eat. I’m starving.


A warm cuddly hug because its too cold in here.


Excited! I do have a lot of events this month so I’m really hyped up to start each day. I’ll be having my graduation this June 7, a family outing on the 16th, and an anime and toy convention (TOYCON) on the 30th.

Should I add a currently WATCHING? I finished binge watching a 10 episode tv series from Netflix in just 2 days after all. It was “The Society” and dang, it was a mix of riverdale + the 100. I’m also looking forward for the release of the new season of Black Mirror and Stranger Things this month! Woo!


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The Anime Counterparts 01: THE AVENGERS

Welcome to my not-so-cliche idea of anime blogging wherein I will assess anime characters that will somehow fit the role of the casts from any random movie, tv series, and so on and so forth. Today’s installment will feature my evaluation of anime characters who fits the role of the Avengers! (Let’s not include those marvel shows that got animated, shall we?) Continue reading

Goo Ranking asks Japan: Top 10 Shounen Jump Male Characters who have the most sex appeal!

Where my girls at?

Everyone loves a good anime character. At the same time, everyone loves a well-developed anime character. But, most importantly, everyone loves an anime character that exudes male testosterone more than anyone. It may be on the way this character was portrayed, maybe in his character design, his voice (seiyuu), his skills, and of course, his overall package.

Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to rank the most beloved Shounen Jump Character who exudes the most appeal out of everyone. Continue reading

50 Questions About Me, Answered!

I recently read Shiizuumi’s answers about this post and it did encourage me to post mine as well. It was originally posted by AceRailgun but last time I checked, the site linked to his/her blog doesn’t exist anymore. Perhaps, he/she changed his/her domain? I don’t know the reason why so let’s leave it like this.

Let’s start!

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The Sunday Currently | 02

Hello again! This week was a mix of good and bad for me. It was good because I became more productive and was able to blog more while it was bad, because my HDD got corrupted and there was no way to save the files I have stored in there. To think that I got 6 years worth of data saved in that 1TB HDD. It truly was the absolute worst! I felt so devastated, it was more painful than a breakup!

Anyway, I decided to move on and face the reality that I have no backup files in my arsenal. Goodness, gracious. All the pictures, videos, and memes gone in an instant! WHY!!?? Perhaps God is asking me to go out more often and create new memories? Is that it?

Fine. All these rants and I’m not going anywhere. Let’s just ditch that complain of mine.



Various journals, dissertation, and articles from ProQuest because I’m working on my aunt’s requirement for her Masters degree. She passed her work on me due to the fact that I have nothing better to do than watch anime, The Society (netflix show), and read manga. Anyway, I’m actually a graduating student this coming June 7 with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. (I finally finished my thesis and will be able to graduate on time!)


Calligraphy practice! I decided to enjoy life and buy those inviting pens from the bookstore. To be honest, I am fascinated with those calligraphy videos from Youtube that I decided to invest and de-stress on it.


La La La by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith. From the very first time I heard it on World of Dance USA, I knew that it was going to be one of my go-to shower songs. Plus, I also love the lyrics embedded in the song. Confession! I already memorized the song.


of my bills. ADULTING SURE IS HARD! I really just want to go back to college, become a student once again and think that the world will not become shittier once I graduated.  MOOD.


My perfume. I might have sprayed too much. It was a GUCCI perfume given to me by my ever supportive Mom.


For peace of mind! I think that sooner or later I will be having my midlife crisis. Knowing myself, I have nothing planned in the future. I just don’t feel like thinking too much. I just wanted to enjoy the present, and leave everything in the future Me (HA! SO MARSHALL AND TED!). You see, all my relatives and workmates have already asked me what was my plan after I graduated from my Masters degree. Guess what? I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED FOR ME SO LET’S ALL SHUT UP AND LIVE OUR OWN LIVES PEACEFULLY. (STRESS!)


That all things will be put in their right place, in the right time in the future. That’s it.


A gray t-shirt matched with a gray square pants. On top of that, loafers and a striped hoodie. Very gloomy and very me again.


The YouTube channels of Anna Cay, Rei Germar, and Team Payaman. I don’t know, they all make me want to create my own channel as well. Obsessed with them this week. lol. Most especially with CongTV and JunnieBoy! They make me laugh a lot which is really good for my heart.


To travel. My feet are already shaking. The waves are calling me again in Palawan! I’ve been to El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan last year, and God knows how much I wanted to go back. Guess I have to wait for September to travel again! Please pray for my visa to get approved so that I’ll be in Japan by September.


Milk Tea is definitely a NEED not a WANT for me. MATCHA flavored specifically. END OF CONVERSATION!


Again, devastated with what happened to my HDD. If I can go back in time just to save it, then I will! Damn that PC. It wasn’t my fault. I connected it with my PC and then all of sudden, the power was cut off and the next thing I know, my HDD cannot be recognized with 0% capacity and 0 UGH!hhhhhh



.hack//Sign /Episode 04

It was the unluckiest night of the week as my HDD got corrupted and all hell breaks loose in my attempt to fix it. The reason I’m here and writing this episode review is that I already raised my flag up and decided to watch Episode 4.


I’m sighing.

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.hack//Sign / Episode 03

Ok. This is getting out of hand. Normally I would have procrastinated in organizing my thoughts down, but here I am still writing for Episode 3. Phew* You see, my attention and concentration span would usually go down after 10 minutes yet I’m still here kicking. I’m really proud of myself for doing just that.

Anyway, on to the third episode! Continue reading